How to Assemble Your Crystal Table

If you've just received your Crystal Table, you'll want to know how to assemble it easily and safely. We've mapped out for you how you can do so in this simple guide. Just follow the steps below and you'll have your table assembled in no more than a few minutes.


Step 1

Lay the acrylic top flat on the thin foam sheet in which it was wrapped making sure the screw holes are facing up. Do not place the top on any other surface as it may get scratched.

      Step 2

      Place the base over the top aligning the screw holes together.

        Step 3

        Take your time to make sure the holes are well aligned, otherwise you will not be able to complete the next step.

            Step 4

            Once you are confident that the holes are aligned, you may begin placing the screws through the holes and screwing them in with a manual Philips screwdriver (+ head). It is a good idea to screw them in half-way first to make sure that they are all in the right place. Then once done, make a second round and screw them in fully for a snug fit. Do not overdo the tightness of the screws. 

            Step 5

            If you will be placing your table on a rug or carpet, you may wish to skip this step. Otherwise please continue reading.

            Place the white plastic screws in the holes at the bottom of the base. Most often, you'll be able screw them in with your fingers with a gentle rotating motion. If you find it difficult to screw them in all the way, you may use a manual flat screwdriver.

            If you have bought the Square table, you may want to readjust the plastic screws so the table is level with the floor. To do so, place the table the right side up on the floor and identify whether any of the plastic screws is not touching the floor. Then reverse the table placing it on the foam sheet and loosen the needed screw accordingly.

            That's it!

            Turn your table the right side up and it's ready for you to start using.

            Next, check our guide on how to care for your table to keep it clean and in its best shape.