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"I know it’s a good purchase when I see them every day and I say to myself: What a good buy! I really love them."

Carla A, purchased 1 square table in brown and 1 diamond table in pink

"More than a design, more than a table, it's a spirit of freedom and transparency in your house."

Abdo A, purchased 2 square tables in green and 2 diamond tables in red

"I'm a big fan of mixing contemporary and vintage furniture and my square fits perfectly in my apartment."

Nicolas R, purchased 1 square table in red

Preserving the human touch

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"High quality products on global standards with a homemade touch of playfulness"

Doreen Toutikian, Founder of Beirut Design Week

"The coloured Crystal Tables reveal the silhouettes of the steel bases in a fresh and captivating style."

Design Me di Mina Epifani

"The acrylic tops of these KRAY Studio side tables have the sparkling transparency of crystals."

Elle Decor, US edition

Available in limited stock

Like all tables in the crystal table collection, the Square is produced in small batches. This allows us to keep the focus on quality and retain the intimacy of the process from the designer all the way to the user. So start browsing, and if you find something you like, you better get it before stocks run out.