The Square

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The Square is one of the side tables in the award-winning Crystal Tables Collection designed by Rita Kettaneh. Inspired by the crystal's transparency, purity, and geometry, The Square has a geometric identity that influences its entire shape: it is made up entirely of 45 and 90 degree curves and the silhouette of the square is seen throughout the base.

When arranged side by side, similar Crystal Tables grow to form a larger crystal of the same shape. So if you have more space and you're looking for a central coffee table, you can place four Squares side by side to form a larger Square. The Square tables look great in pairs, so go for either two or four for the best effect.

  • Original design
  • Winner of A' Design Award
  • Quality Guarantee
  • Authentic craftsmanship
  • Light-weight and easy to move around
  • Available in wide range of colours and finishes
  • Produced in limited quantities

Height: 46 cm
Width: 33 cm
Depth: 33 cm

Weight: 3.75 Kg

The Square is lightweight and easy to move around due to its acrylic top and its minimal design.

The base is made up of brushed stainless steel optionally plated with copper or brass and the top is in acrylic. You can see all the available colours and finishes in the image slider.

The Crystal Tables are proudly produced in Lebanon by combining top notch industrial methods with authentic craftsmanship. The result is high quality products that capture the delicateness of the human touch.

The Square (Stainless Steel Finish): $390
The Square (Brass / Copper Finish): $450

The Square is priced higher than The Triangle and The Diamond because its base design requires more labour to be produced. Moreover, brass and copper finishes cost more than the stainless steel one due to the required metal plating process.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Myriam Abillama
Contemporary Coffee Tables

The square design tables were such an added value to our home. They are designed in such a way to fit in smoothly in any given space. The tables are characterized by a clean and neat cut and design where I consider them being statement pieces in our house. Thank you Rita!!

nicolas ramain
My Square

I recently bought a red square. Just wanted to thank the team for the delivery (in Paris) on time and in a very good shape.
Am a big fan of mixing contemporary and old furnitures, an my square perfectly fits in my Haussmanian apartment. Really happy with it.
Thinking about buying a few more to create a bigger side table.

Christiane Dimas
Elegant & Beautifully Designed

Elegant, lively, sleek, modern, durable, functional, beautiful, and meticulously designed table. Rita was very accommodating, easily reachable, and the fulfillment process was smooth. The table is available in a variety of colors and shapes which makes it suitable for multiple spaces.